About Us

We are a family of five living just outside of Seattle, Washington. We live on a 1.5 acres of open, fresh grass fields, and gently sloping hills bordered by a meandering salmon-filled Creek. We love standard poodles, and believe that they are the most intelligent companion dog a family can have. Because we are so connected to our dogs and their puppies, we take great pains to ensure they are fed only the best, surrounded daily with a variation of noise and environmental stimuli, and raised to have the absolute best temperament a puppy could have. With the surprisingly robust amount of life we have on our sustainable acres, keeping these puppies busy is challenging but fun. We've seen enough problems from accidental dew claw injuries to know that dew claw removal is prudent and wise. We will not at anytime, however, remove or dock any portion of our puppy's tails. This is a limb that is connected directly to their spine, and when you see those cute little tails wagging with abandon, you'll wonder why anyone could ever consider docking such beautiful little puppy tails. We've raised poodles for over 16 years and we've done the research; tail docking serves the puppy in no way, but will cause irreversible harm. It's purely cosmetic and illegal in almost every country except the United States and Canada. We train our dogs to be so gentle around people and other animals, that by the time they leave our land, they've learned to even get along with our 20 friendly, egg-laying chickens.

  • We work on potty training before they leave our home.

  • Between days 3 and 16 we expose the puppies to ENS and ESI puppy exercises

  • Puppies have reached all of their physical and cognitive milestones early and are noticeably bigger and smarter and more beautiful than other litters.

We hope you get to enjoy our puppies as much as we do, because you'll quickly notice that there aren't any puppies quite like ours.

Puppy Questions